Real Food Ancestral Blends for Pets

This radically different diced & dried food is not your parent's dry pet food. Made from 78-80% animal ingredients, DNA is ready to serve dry and can help eliminate the mess of feeding canned, refrigerated or homemade pet foods......all while still delivering the real-food ancestral diet experience that dogs & cats instinctively crave.

WHAT ABOUT THE DRY FOOD THAT YOU HAVE BEEN FEEDING?  While most old-school  processed dry pet foods are "complete & balanced", they are all composed of mostly grain, potato or other starch source.  This is true even if #1 ingredient listed is meat.  To compare, DNA foods use a maximum of 8% pea flour in all recipes.

We pioneered a brand-new method of manufacturing dry pet food that allows us to use mostly animal ingredients.  Why?  We love pets and we know that you do too.   For a closer look at DNA Ancestral pet foods, please click "Products" header at the top of this page - and thanks for stopping by!

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