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Ken Wilks DNA Founder

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 Over the years, I have helped to develop many of the pet food brands found in stores today.  As a child,  I watched commercials on TV about dog and cat food, and took it for granted that dry kibble is simply what we are supposed to feed our pets.  I've always loved dogs & cats, and as health-food for humans became more popular, I sought companies to work for that wanted to make dry kibble with better ingredients, no artificial colors, flavors & preservatives. 

 After attending numerous dog and cat shows, I began to question if feeding just a traditional pet kibble by itself is the best way to nourish pets. I heard repeatedly from show folks that at least three months prior to a pet competing in the show ring, they would begin augmenting or completely replacing the dry kibble they were feeding with meat.   Stories of better skin & coat, better attitude & energy and better muscle tone were invariably given as the reason to feed a diet that contains more meat.  Initially I was skeptical, but over time I came to accept these experiences as fact. After all, I reasoned, aren't we as humans learning about the downside of eating too much processed food.......should this be any different for pets?

I finally became convinced of the nutritional value of adding more meat to a pet's diet when I tried to create the perfect ancestral diet at home.  I placed a mixture of real meat with some added eggs, fruits & veggies in the food processor, mixed it thoroughly, and then spread it out on a cookie sheet to dry in the oven on low heat. The healthy differences I noticed in my own dog after just a few weeks of feeding him this homemade food were truly amazing. This is how DNA pet food was born. 

Today, DNA pet food blends are scientifically formulated by veterinary and nutrition professionals, and are crafted in a recently constructed, state of the art manufacturing facility.  When it comes to ingredients, each bag of DNA still contains same foundation of real meat, eggs, fruits and veggies that I originally made in my kitchen. It is my sincere hope that you and your beloved pet enjoy DNA Ancestral food products as much as I enjoyed creating them for you. Please email me at info@dnapetfood.com to share the healthy results that you observe when adding DNA Ancestral Pet Foods to increase the real animal ingredients in your pet's diet.  I look forward to hearing from you!

 Ken Wilks,  Founder