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Available in 6 oz. and 2 lb. bags.

WHAT'S IN THE BAG?  DNA selects only the best ingredients and carefully blends them together for use as a complete & balanced meal, or as a topper to your cat's current food.  This diced & dried cat food is not your parents dry pet food!  Composed of 80% animal ingredients, DNA offers a convenient real-food option that can help to eliminate the mess of feeding canned & refrigerated cat foods.

THE DESERT ORIGIN OF THE MODERN HOUSE CAT:  Northern Africa is the home of the Great Pyramids and the Sahara Desert.  This region contains mostly gravel, rock, sand dunes and very few bodies of fresh water.  Genetic testing suggests all modern house cats are descended from as few as five Northern African Wildcats that lived about 10,000 years ago in this inhospitable region.

REHYDRATION:  DNA may be fed dry.  However, African Desert Wildcats depend heavily on  prey for water.  Modern housecat descendants today still lack a strong drink reflex.  To support healthy urinary tract function, we recommend that you add equal parts warm water to DNA prior to serving.

FINICKY FELINES:  Any dry cat food is nutritious and must meet US government standards for being "complete and balanced".  Spoiler Alert!  Most old school dry cat foods are made up of mostly grain, potato or other starch based ingredients.  Strong flavorings are added to help cats crave traditional kibble diets--similar to how we as humans can learn to crave intensely flavored crackers or chips.  If your cat has become a finicky "junk food junky" gradually mix in DNA Ancestral(tm) Cat Food with his or her current diet over a period of 2-3 weeks.  Note:  this recipe contains only 8% pea flour.

PRODUCT GUARANTEE:  Your cat will love this food, or return the unused portion to where purchased for a 100% refund.   This product is free of GMOs, gluten, artificial colors, artificial flavors and artificial preservatives.  Nothing in this product originates from China--either directly or through a 2nd party.