Hungry Like the Wolf.


About 100,000 years separate modern dogs from their wolf ancestors. Like humans, dogs only recently began eating processed foods. Dogs can still thrive when they return to their roots and consume more natural animal ingredients and less processed plant protein & starch.

SO WHAT'S IN THE BAG?  This radically different diced & dried dog food is not your parents' dry pet food!  Made from 78% animal ingredients, DNA is easy to use and can help eliminate the mess of feeding canned, refrigerated or homemade pet foods.....all while still delivering the real food ancestral diet experience dogs instinctively crave.

WET OR DRY?  DNA dog foods are engineered to be fed dry.  The unique diced protein, fruit & veggie matrix is easily broken apart by the enzymes in your dog's digestive system.  Like jerky however, DNA is slow to rehydrate with just water, and will hold its shape when wet.  If your dog prefers the wet food mess :-) simply combine equal parts food & hot water and allow to soak overnight in the refrigerator.  To make life easier, you can follow the same leftover rules that you use for your human family members and keep meals for several days rehydrated in your refrigerator.

PRODUCT GUARANTEE:  Your dog will love this food, or return the unused portion to where purchased for a 100% refund.   This product is free of GMOs, gluten, artificial colors, artificial flavors and artificial preservatives.  Nothing in this product originates from China--either directly or through a 2nd party.